Conference attendees are personally responsible for making their own visa arrangements.

Visitors to the USA must present a valid passport and a valid visa issued by a US Consular Official, unless the visitor is a citizen of a country eligible for the Visa Waiver Program.
Please familiarize yourself with visa requirements well in advance of the conference.

PLEASE NOTE: We will not be providing “Letters of Invitation” to the conference; however, “Letters of Confirmation” (acknowledging that you will be attending the conference) can be requested. According to the Indiana University policy, you have to be first registered for the TSOP conference in order to receive the "Letter of Confirmation".

To request the "Letter of Confirmation" please email and include below info:
1) Legal name (as it appears in your passport)
2) Legal address
3) Source of funding for the conference
4) Proof of paid TSOP conference registration

Please note that as of August 15th NO REFUNDS of the registration fees are provided.

Please visit the website of the U.S. Department of State for more information about traveling to the USA and visa requirements.The U.S. Department of State notes: "We strongly recommend that applicants do not purchase airplane tickets or make non-refundable travel arrangements until they have actually received their visa; visa applicants should never assume their application will be automatically approved."