Bloomington was founded by a group of settlers in 1818. They were so amazed by "a heaven of blooms" that they called the new settlement Bloomington. Our town is a small but vibrant collage town with a diverse and rich culture. Indiana limestone is a big part of this culture. The limestone was not only used on many of the Indiana University buildings, but other notable buildings such as the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, and Yankee Stadium in New York; and the Pentagon in Washington, DC. One of the beliefs is that a weathervane fish on top of Bloomington's court house cupola is a reminder of a sea that once covered the US's Midwest during the Mississippian period (~360 to 325 million years ago), and to which we owe the local limestone. 

Bloomington is a true foodie destination. With almost 150 restaurants, wineries, and brewpubs, everybody can find something to suit their taste. In a spare moment, check out downtown galleries or visit one of Bloomington's many museums. Explore the official "Visit Bloomington Indiana" website for more ideas of things to do.

Photo by Visit Bloomington