A paper "The importance of minerals in coal as the hosts of chemical elements: A review" has been published in International Journal of Coal Geology (download below), where the authors list more than 200 minerals that have been identified in coal and its low temperature ash (Table 1), although the validity of some of these minerals has not been confirmed. 

The authors welcome all comments and inputs on the table and anyone wishing to add new minerals along with supporting evidence, or verified evidence for the minerals that have not been verified in the Table 1 could submit their mineral materials via email to Prof. Shifeng Dai (daishifeng@gmail.com).

The supporting evidence includes but not necessarily all of well-interpreted XRD pattern, optical properties, chemical analysis performed using a recognized analytical techniques such as ICP-MS or ICP-AES, SEM or electron microprobe analysis; Description, size, shape, crystal form, mineral/maceral associations; Where found - coal bed, rank, location, etc.; Abundance - common, rare, single occurrence; Are there possible polymorphs or alternative identifications; Proposer's name and email address.