is a non profit organization for scientists and engineers involved with coal petrology, kerogen petrology, organic geochemistry and related disciplines. We have over 200 members in 30 countries.

TSOP was founded in Houston, USA in 1984 to consolidate and foster the organizational activities related to organic petrology. The objectives of the Society, as listed in its bylaws are:

1) to promote research in organic petrology among members, and among scientific disciplines
2) to provide educational opportunities in organic petrology;
3) to work for acceptable classifications of all types of sedimentary organic matter;
4) to promote state-of-the-art technologies in organic petrology;
5) to enhance professional and scientific interactions among all scientists and engineers;
6) to inspire the highest standard of professional ethics of its members.

To accomplish these objectives, TSOP sponsors annual meetings, field trips, and short courses, publishes a quarterly newsletter, research reports and other scholarly works, organizes and supports collaborative research projects.

TSOP is an AAPG Associated Society