Martin Reinhardt

from ICCP Newsletter number 35
Long-time TSOP member Martin Reinhardt died on March 25, 2005. From the early years of TSOP, he was among the most active members in Europe, and as Councilor from 1991-93 was the first TSOP officer residing outside North America. He traveled to the U.S. for several TSOP annual meetings and also served on the Outreach Committee and the Research Committee (being involved in projects on Standardization of Kerogen Isolation / Characterization Methods and Standardization of Reflectance and Fluorescence Methods starting in 1994). He was one of the original TSOP proponents of an Internet communication forum for organic petrologists, serving on the ad-hoc Committee on Electronic Communications starting in 1994.

Professionally, after a 3-year project at BEB and Mobil Oil in Germany, in 1993 he began work as an independent consultant in Hannover. At that time he reported that his work was in Germany as well as overseas, mainly for industry, but also within research programs.