Hoom-Bin Lo
1945 - 2011

by Wuu-Liang Huang
from TSOP Newsletter 28 (1), March 2011
Dr. Hoom-Bin Lo, a TSOP member who specialized in coal petrology and petroleum geochemistry, died of cancer at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston on February 9th, 2011 at age of 65. He is survived by his wife Cheng-Chiu and daughter Tiffany.

HB Lo was born on March 11, 1945 in a farming family in Taiwan. He studied at National Taiwan University, majoring in Geology from 1964-1968. He came to the United States in 1970, received a MS degree from the Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois and earned his Ph.D. degree from the West Virginia University.

In 1977, he worked for the Geo Chem Co. in Houston and later in 1979 as a petroleum geochemist at Exxon Production Research Co. where he stayed until his retirement in 2000. HB Lo’s research interests include coal petrography, fluorescence in organic matter and petroleum geochemistry. He was recognized by his peers for his research efforts in studying vitrinite reflectance suppression. He was one of founding members of a former organization of TSOP, "Organizing Committee for Organic Petrology" chaired by Pieter van Gijzel in 1983. These committee members were presented Founder Awards at the 1994 TSOP Annual Meeting.

HB was a kind, good natured and laid back person with a dry sense of humor. He always had a plan for everything. He was non-biased, non-judgmental and always pushed others to view things from different points of views and angles. He had a variety of interests besides his professional work including computers, bridge, personal finance and tennis. He enjoyed his retirement years volunteering to the communities he was a part of in Houston.