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Page last modified 4-Jan-18
General note: This on-line payment system is primarily used by members to pay dues and/or make voluntary donations by credit card via PayPal. It can also be used to pay by check/cheque/money order but these transactions must be completed by mailing payment to the TSOP Treasurer.

PayPal note: When a member selects to make a payment via PayPal they are transferred out of the TSOP site and go to a very secure PayPal site. TSOP has no access to any information the member enters at the PayPal site. The only information we receive is an email notice stating who, when and how much was paid to TSOP. In most cases you do NOT need to have a PayPal account nor will you have to set one up but there are exceptions. See note in panel on the right about information you will need.


TSOP's online dues payment system has been successfully used by members for some time now but issues can arise. Please send us a short report of any problems.

Credit card info needed

If you choose to pay by credit card at the PayPal site you will need to carefully enter the following information:
Amount of payment to TSOP
Card # / type / expiry date
CSC (3 digit code from back of card)
Name & address
    (including zip/postal code)
Phone & email

Note that this information may vary slightly depending on your country.