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Page last modified 18-Jun-19
This payment system is for TSOP members only. The preferred method of accessing the system is through the Members-only login section but it is not an necessity. The options are listed below.

Login Having a TSOP login account provides you with many benefits and what’s more it is easy to setup and takes only a few minutes. If you would like to activate your login account just click the button below and follow the few instructions on the opening page of the Members-only section.

No login If you cannot (first dues payment etc.) or you do not want to setup your account right now then please select the button below to continue without a login. You will then be asked to enter a minimal amount of identifying information and then you can make your dues payment and/or voluntary contribution.

Please note that all required personal and credit card information is entered only after you leave the TSOP site and are brought to a very secure external site operated by PayPal.


TSOP's online dues payment system has been successfully used by members for some time now but issues can arise. Please send us a short report of any problems.

Credit card info needed

If you choose to pay by credit card at the PayPal site you will need to carefully enter the following information:
Amount of payment to TSOP
Card # / type / expiry date
CSC (3 digit code from back of card)
Name & address
    (including zip/postal code)
Phone & email

Note that this information may vary slightly depending on your country.