During the conference TSOP judges will be awarding the Danielle Kondla Best Student Presentation Award. Usually two awards, $300 for the oral presentation and $200 for the poster presentation, are given during TSOP conference closing ceremony. Student-author must deliver the oral presentation to qualify for the Best Oral Presentation Award. Student-author of the poster must deliver the presentation of his/her poster to qualify for the Best Poster Presentation Award. Award evaluation criteria

Skimming along Lake Semayang in central Borneo (Kalimantan, Indonesia), then students Vera Korasidis and Matilda O’Connor (University of Melbourne, Australia) participate in the 2015 TSOP Field Trip to examine modern peat-forming environments (photo by T.A. Moore).
  Newly minted PhD receipient Dr Ofentse Marvin Moroeng (University of Johannesburg, South Africa) after a warming meal on a -20ºC sampling day in Hailar, Inner Mongolia, China in late 2019. Marvin was part of a team of scientists collecting samples to understand the paleoecology and paleoclimate of Laurasia during the Early Cretaceous (photo by T.A. Moore).